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We had a bit of a roller coaster trip this year. We played great golf on the way up and back. We caught lots of fish. We had boat trouble most of the week. And we ran out of beer a couple of times.

First I want to thank a couple of people.

Shoutouts to these awesome Fishing Site:

Matt Stone pushed a Case Plastics order through for me, Salty Shads and Case Frogs. The frogs were a huge hit. There were more lily pads in the water this year than I can ever remember, and there were Pike and Smallies under everyone of them it seemed. The Case Frogs held up under extreme abuse all week. Normally the legs get ripped off after one strike, but with the Case Frogs this week, I actually caught more than one fish on a single frog several times. The New Red clips from Parasite Weights didn't hurt in the longevity of the plastics that I threw last week. Pike miss a bait about 50% of the time and the clips kept my plastic in place instead of it climbing my hook and line after every strike.

Secondly, Brad at Boudreaux's Baits rushed an order of Poppers through for me also. I hadn't noticed that he carried them until the last minute and he got them in my hands just before I left. And it was a good thing that he did. Hands down, the Perch colored popper was a killer.
They seem to have held up juuust fine. Great durability.

And last but not least, CB's HawgSauce Soft Shell Craw scent was the key all week. I can only speak about the Winnipeg River where we have fished for years, but in that area, there are hundreds and hundreds of Crawdads all over the place. Every fish you clean is full of them. They are obviously the forage of choice for just about all fish in the region. Walleye, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Northern, Perch, Crappie, I caught 7 species of fish this year and everyone hit something either sprayed or smeared in CB's Crawfish Scent.

Here is the long and short of it. Walleye were sloooow. But the Pike and Smallmouth were nice and active. If it floated on top and made a sploosh. Something pretty much hit it all week.

Mike with an awesome Northern.

Mike had a consistent week with Big Pike, little Pike and nice smallies.

Scott with a nice Powder Puff Smallmouth

Scott had his hands full with the boat issues. But he still managed some nice smallmouth, a few small pike and the biggest Walleye of the week at over 5lbs.

Case Plastics Frog Smallmouth

Brian had a very similar week to Mike. Big pike, little pike, but some smallmouth that were bigger.

All in all, a great week was had by all, and we I know that I can't wait to get back up there next year.

Antother nice topwater Pike for Mike
Brian caught some Pike too.
Mike got his share of the smallies.
Leader in the clubhouse for a few days!
Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 August 2007 )